Hold For Release
Eddie and Eric are lifelong friends who realize if they spend enough time together they may even learn to like each other.

In between jobs, Eleanor takes a moment to examine the language of beauty through a relationship she strikes up with a man she meets on the street. When Eleanor tries to share her connection to Theatre and Art with John, a troubled drifter she catches baptizing her car, she learns some social experiments are better kept for the imagination.

Knockaround Kids
Two weeks in the lives of Anita, Stacey, and Tommy, three troubled kids caught between the welfare system created to protect them and the dysfunctional ways of the adults ordered to care for them.

I See Myself As You
A unique dance between filmmaker, subject, and environment. Using
natural sound, in-camera editing, and stock fx, this experimental documentary
examines the life of an individual through his everyday stories, art, and routines, and perhaps most revealing the objects with which he surrounds himself.

Cole’s Train
Cole believes himself to be the spiritual and musical reincarnation of the legendary African-American jazz musician John Coltrane.

Street Soldiers
Following the journey of several young men in Boston trying to change their lives and their community for the better.

When Drums Speak
With an old Bolex film camera and a Marantz field recorder, this raw and loose feeling documentary unfolds the scenes of the day as it winds from the hills of the Mission District to the brick walls of City Hall, documenting the thousands of people protesting on the birthday of outspoken revolutionary and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, yielding the characters, the speeches, and the drumlines of resistance.


Still from Cole’s Train